Saturday, May 2, 2009

Childhood friends

The last week or so has been amazing because I found (or was found by) some childhood friends. These are people I used to go to school with, my school mates and classmates. One is even my friend from way back when we were toddlers. The wonders of the internet, indeed.
DF was my "oldest" friend from when we were toddlers in Chenderoh. We used to live practically a few houses away from one another then. Later, we got separated. I went to Johore, and then to MN. Amazingly, then her father got transferred to MN and we met again and we were in the same school. Then after Form 5, we went our separate ways. And we did not meet up until now, in cyber space. Good to know she is married and has 2 beautiful children. My mum was surprised to know that we have reconnected.
AH was one of the friends whose house I used to frequent, especially during Hari Raya. I remember the few times I went there and had delicious rendang and lemang. I have not met her since Form 5.
GS was one of those gila gila guys in my class and we used to joke a lot. We were not in the same class in Forms 4 and 5. I don't think he was even in Science stream but ... he is now a nurse, a person in the medical field. Amazing! And he is now in Melbourne!!!
LJ and I used to be in the same class. We were such chatterboxes. We both had very strong personalities and we used to argue ... in a friendly manner. I last met her in Penang during a function and did not manage to get her number. Now we met again in cyber space.
Sigh ... wonderful indeed that we have managed to find one another. I hope to find some other friends, especially those I have not met since primary school!!!

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