Monday, July 27, 2009

Tears of sorrow

I just came home from a wake. Hubby's cousin whose death I mentioned yesterday. He was 42, happily married and had 3 beautiful little girls. Judging from the big crowd at the wake, he was well-liked and someone who had many friends.
One of the things that struck me the most at the wake was his father who is about 80. He was devastated. He is sickly and yet he has hung in there and is still alive, but his favoured son was lying there in a coffin, never to wake up. When he arrived at the wake, everyone thought he was going to be strong and show some emotion. Instead, he took one look at the coffin, and his granddaughters, and he broke down and cried like a child. It was heart-breaking and many people cried when they saw his tears of sorrow. He hugged one of the granddaughters and they cried together. It was a picture of deep sorrow and sense of loss.
As with any deaths, it is the family left behind who suffers. The wife never got to say goodbye to him as he took his last breath. The children were traumatised as they saw their father collapsing before their eyes. The elderly parents mourned the fact that their child died before them.
My heart breaks for them. I know they will all have to learn to move on, and they will. And I pray for them, that they will be strong. God bless his soul.

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