Monday, July 20, 2009

Making tough calls

We cannot go through life without making choices. From the simplest decision of what you want to eat, to what course you want to take up to which person is your life partner, to where you want to reside - all these involve choices. Sometimes your decisions are made for you, like when your parents make decisions without consulting you first. Sometimes your choices are left just as choices, no decision is made. Sometime you have to make those decisions ... yourself. Once in a while those choices placed before you are difficult ones to pick. Especially as you grow older and more mature, more and more situations will be placed before you. You decide what you want to do. Sometimes those situations well, you just can't win. Die if you do and die if you don't.
To me, we have to ask ourselves what motivations we have in making certain choices. Who benefits? Who does it affect? Are there alternatives and what are they? Am I being as fair as I can be? (Though we can have a debate on what is fair)
Life is tough. Growing up is tough. All the things that come with growing up are also tough. But not all things are so gloomy. Life is full of wonder. We make mistakes. So what? If we fall, get up and move on.
To the many people who think that being in a position of power or leadership is fun, think again. You will be required to make decisions that you don't like. You might even question your ability to lead. BUT if you are mature and strong enough ... you can look beyond that difficult phase and do the best you can and continue to lead.

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