Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Appreciation and recognition

It pains me to say this but yes, I occasionally feel the need for appreciation and recognition for what I have done. I might not have done a lot, but ... yeah, the little that I have done, sometimes needs approval and appreciation.
As a mother, it pains me when my boys go to the maid for comfort. It feels as if I have not done the job of a mother, and so they prefer to go to the maid.
As a wife, it pains me when my husband cannot find it in his heart to confide in me the troubles that he faces. As his mate and life partner, I should be the one he shares things with.
As a teacher, it pains me when I have students who have taken what I do for granted - as if I HAVE TO do the things I do.
As a civil servant, it pains me when I see deserving colleagues not given the recognition due to them.
As a friend, it pains me when I see someone hurt by words of other people, spoken without much thought.
Today I felt sad, that this pain was seen in the faces of some people.

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