Saturday, July 18, 2009

Suckers for work

Sometimes we ( we know who WE are ) are such suckers for work. Not that we want to do more work, but our work ethics are such that we cannot stand by and let certain shoddy work be presented for the world to see. In the process of trying to not present those said shoddy work (which are sometimes, well, more often than not, NOT our work), we end up getting those work on our already very full and tired laps. If only we can sometimes SHUT UP and let things be!!! We try, but it doesn't work. We still get all uptight and upset because we feel ashamed to be associated with less than our standard kind of work. Not that we are perfect, but if we being less than perfect cannot stand the work, what more people who are perfectionists?
Example one : Someone given a task to complete sits on it and does not budge until others pretty much give the order to PLEASE GET IT DONE! She still pretty much moves at snail's pace, so what do we do? We go and do it ourselves!!! Thus adding unnecessary worry, stress and work to our already complicated lives.
Example two : We are told we have money to spend for the benefit of the school. So we go and do all the necessary planning so that taxpayers' money does not go to waste (hey I'm a taxpayer too). Then out comes some remarks and comments that the work we do, is so unnecessary, waste of money, and that we're being cheated!! All because someone does not want to attend some extra classes organised for some people who need help. Gosh! WE DIDN'T ASK TO DO THOSE CLASSES, OK!!! We are given extra work because some of THOSE people are not doing a good job and we were asked to help.
Well, I am just upset that when we make noise, we end up with extra work. But how can one keep quiet when it is obvous there is a void to fill, or improvements to make, etc? Shall I just blame it on Malaysian mentality whereby it is : YOU MAKE NOISE, YOU DO IT LAH!

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