Friday, July 3, 2009

Shall we do it again next year?

This is the question in many of our minds. IT referring to musical drama. Shall we put ourselves through the whole experience again next year? It was such a stressful time for many of us that we'd love to say NO. But then, we have proven that it can be done. So ... what is there to stop us from staging another production next year? We are all tired. But we miss the drill of practising and going through the whole experience. Ask the cast. They miss one another tremendously. The orchestra? They got such favourable reviews. Someone even commented that the Sri Aman orchestra is good enough to even play at the Istana Budaya. The choir also did a good job. Someone said that the whole group of people involved is like a family. I couldn't agree more.
Personally, I am keen. BUT I am not sure I can handle the workload. Realistically, I can foresee expectations going higher. As if the bar that we have set is not high enough! We shall see. Once the decision is made, hopefully by September, we will know if we need to get going again.

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