Sunday, July 26, 2009

Life's brief candle!

Life is so short indeed. Today I was saddened by news of 2 people's passing. Yasmin Ahmad, whose work is well-respected and admired by many, died last night. She was only 51. A life that was snatched away at such a young age. 51 is not exactly young but she is a prolific producer of the arts that she would have had much more in store for us. She still had so many plans and movies to make. She had yet to see many things in this world. Her sudden stroke caught everyone by surprise and most Malaysians are shocked at her death.
Just minutes ago, my husband received a text message that his cousin just died from a heart attack. We have no other details about his death as yet. But I do know this : He is only in his early 40s, almost our age; he has three little girls who are around the same age as my children. He was in the prime of his life and he is now no more. He will never see his daughters grow up to be young ladies, go on their first date and get married. His aged father will have a tough time accepting that his youngest son has died before him.
Truly life is so fragile. Life is short, even if one were to live to 100. Life is so temporal. I feel sad. The last few weeks we have had so many news of people dying, from celebrities to a local political secretary to this cousin of my husband's. A little depressing. Doesn't help the fact that I have not been feeling very perky lately.

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