Monday, July 6, 2009

D*starz #1

Cheer 09 is now over. The official results from CHARM are out. We didn't win, but I am very proud of the team. For those who need to understand why we still send a team even though we did not have that big a chance of winning (Sorry if this sounds bad), it's because we are proud to part of the NATIONAL level competition. No other teams or individuals in SA has gone to a national level competition and can say that she/they are among the top 20 in the country. So, yeah, we might be #17 overall in the competition, but hey, we're #17 in MALAYSIA! No one can take that away from us. The girls have worked hard, endured lots of pain (physical and mental) to get to where they are. Some of these pains were inflicted in practice, some were inflicted by others - when nasty comments and unjust treatments by some people are made/given. To those who have been nasty to them, let me say this : GET YOURSELVES INTO A NATIONAL LEVEL COMPETITION AND WIN! Then you can be nasty to others.
So there, to the members of D*starz, you have done well, so don't be sad. And it is now time to rest, focus on your studies and then later, prepare for Cheer 2010! I want those Form 3 girls who were forbidden to take part this year due to PMR to get ready! Don't be surprised if I crack a whip to get you off your bums to go for practices. Kudos to all of you, D*starz #1!!!!!

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