Saturday, July 25, 2009

The lethargy that just won't disappear

The last month or so, I have been feeling lethargic. It is a terrible feeling that refuses to go away. It is eating into my life because it makes me less willing and less capable to work. By work, I don't just mean career work; I also mean doing things for my family and myself. It is a lethargy that is slowly making me a lesser person than I am supposed to be.
I don't really know what has brought about this feeling / situation. But I have a hunch it is a mental and emotional drain that I am feeling, and that has affected the whole of me. I feel drained of the will to do anything. I don't feel like working. I feel like running away from my current life. I don't want to have to do anything for anyone. I just want to find a place to hide. Somehow I feel as if what I'm doing is not worth doing. There is nothing that I truly look forward to - other than finding that peace and quiet which I so desire right now.
If possible I just want to stay home for the next week or so and just find back my energy and will. And yet there is so much to do. I honestly don't know if I am up to it to do everything I am tasked with. I feel overwhelmed with the many hats I am wearing. I know for sure that I am really struggling and honestly, I am sinking. I need a lifeline to stay afloat and I don't know where that lifeline is coming from, if it will appear at all.

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David Marriage in Heaven said...

l feel just the same way too, infact i lack words, my wife and i are both medical students with a lovely child ,we have very important board exam to write , wehave bought al the materials we would ever need ...but guess what every day i just stare at all that stuff. we wake up everymornig feeling great , but once its 11 am all the energy just seems to fly away. we just stare at each other, most times i really just want to run away and stay some were quiet with her, there is so much family pressure ..that you really just dont know what to do, we seem to involed in everyones life and when things wrong we take the blame.i belive so much in God and the power of love ..but honestly sometimes i just wish thins we not that way. its so hard for me or my wife to say no. belive me i know what you are going through .but i dont know what to do.