Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Some hurts I have felt

The previous post was not about me. It wasn't about my pains, just reflecting how it would pain me. But here I'd like to share one of those incidents which indeed hurt me a lot, though it was probably not intentional.
Some time back, a few years, actually, it was Teacher's Day. I have never been much of a popular teacher. What to do? Always the tigress in class. Not that I desired to be a popular teacher. But then, I am human. So it was Teacher's Day. Someone ... some students I had been very close to actually passed by me. And said nothing to me. They went straight on to someone else, a temporary teacher, and in very loud voices, almost in front of me, gave HER a card, and said how much they liked her. Yeah, that was one of those times I felt like something had hit me really hard. I was hurt, not because they had given her a card, but because the whole scene almost seemed like it was done to spite me. And I thought they were my closest students, at that time anyway. That hurt stayed with me a long time. I never told them about it even though they detected some change in the way I dealt with them after that. Thinking back, it still hurts a little. Mainly because they seem to have forgotten me. I have not seen them for a long time, and I have not heard from them since the last time I met them. Yeah, they are busy. I know. I understand, I think.
So yeah ... this was one of those experiences that had hurt me a lot. And I know why I felt hurt. It's because I was stupid enough to let my heart be involved. To many, I am this very ferocious tigress of a woman who can really scream at some people. Or maybe I am this mother hen of a woman who just fusses over everything and everyone. Perhaps what many have forgotten is that inside this body is a heart.

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