Monday, April 2, 2012

Day 5 in Shanghai - 14th March 2012

I have lost my little Shanghai trip diary. So I shall have to try and remember on my own what I did on that day.
I remember that LM and went out together. She had line dancing and I decided to go with her. Otherwise I would have stay on my own at her apartment. Didn't fancy that. So we took the train to Jiangsu Road, and walked a great distance before we reach a very post apartment building where we went downstairs to the basement dance studio. I didn't want to join them so I just sat around, and spent some time filling up the diary ... which I have to find. Those in her line-dancing class were expat wives of Oriental origin. There were Taiwanese, Hong Kongese (??), Singaporeans and also Malaysians. They seemed to really enjoy the time together, not just line-dancing but also the friendship which they had formed.
After their 2 hour line-dancing, we adjourned to a restaurant called The Grumpy Pig. It sold mainly Vietnamese noodles and sandwiches. The food is nothing to shout about and the price is a tad too high. Not my cup of tea but ... they wanted to go there. So I tagged along.
We spent quite some time there, yakking and I was listening in on a lot of their conversations. I learned about the different schools they were sending their children to - the good points and complaints they had about the schools. It was a good learning time for me.
After a long lunch, we walked to the subway station. On the way, we passed by some street food vendors and decided to try some of the sweet cakes. We took the train back and then we made our way back to LM's apartment. We spent the rest of the day with the daughter. Then we went out to go and do some shopping.
We went to the Super Brand Mall. It is 8 storey high, I think. We went over to Uniqlo and I bought a few things, something for mum and for the boys. Then we went to a Taiwanese restaurant to have dinner. LM's husband joined us there. I should have taken photos of the food we ate but .... didn't want to look so tourist-y. The food was okay, slightly expensive but then it is in a restaurant in a mall. So ... I guess it was ok. I ended up paying for dinner as a show of gratitude for their hospitality towards me over the few days. This was my last night in Shanghai.
We went back to the apartment that night and I spent some time with LM's daughter before we all went to bed. I reflected on God's goodness and was really thankful for His protection and providence especially over the last few days.

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