Monday, April 2, 2012

Day 6 in Shanghai - 15th March 2012

Okay I found back my little diary but the entries stopped at Day 5. This is because Day 6 was the day I left Shanghai. Nevertheless I still managed to fit in a few activities before I left.
In the morning, LM and I went for a morning walk with her friend, Pearl, to the Bund. We had a nice walk as it was cool and breezy. Then we had some breakfast at Starbucks. Yes, you read that right. After that we walked back to her apartment. She was expecting some friends over for mahjong style gin rummy. Pearl was not interested and she wanted to go out to buy things and decided to ask me along. Since my flight was going to be much later, I went with her. Her driver drove us to Ikea (yippeeeee) in Pudong. There is another one in Puxi. But this Pudong one was really big. And I enjoyed walking around. The prices are about the same as here but at RMB or CNY. Meaning ... if something costs RM1.90 (a mug) in Msia, it is RMB/CNY1.90 which translates to RM0.95 here in Msia. So things are relatively quite cheap. Not everything is priced the same way though. Anyway we had lunch at the Ikea restaurant. I had the meatballs. The ones in Msia are nicer. ;-)
The trip to Ikea made me plan in my head what to buy when we finally move to Shanghai. I can visualise what I will not need to bring to Shanghai and what I can purchase in Shanghai. Good trip this one.
After Ikea, we went to a fruits wholesaler. Fruits are generally quite expensive in Shanghai, perhaps generally in China. A box of Fuji apples costs RMB100. Well, RM50 for a box of very large Fuji apples .... perhaps 30 apples? That would be fine, as it is the wholesaler's price. In the supermarket it'll probably cost about RMB150 or more. Not what I am prepared to pay.
After that we went back to LM's apartment and her friend got the driver to wait downstairs for me to drive me to the airport. I managed to say HI and BYE to her friends. Then I quickly took my luggages and went downstairs and the driver took me to the airport. The journey was quite long, and I had a good time watching the scenery outside, and thinking about my entire trip to Shanghai - how blessed I had been.
I got to the airport and checked in the big bag. Then I went looking at the duty-free for things to buy. Bought a few things for some friends back here. Then it was time to go to the boarding gate to wait. It was good to encounter fellow Msians there, hearing the usual Msian lahs and all.
The plane ride was uneventful. No one to talk to. And I didn't like playing the games or watching the movies. So I took a nap and also just closed my eyes and rested most of the way.
I got home to my darling husband around 10pm. We came straight home and the boys were not asleep yet. Managed to say HI to them and hugged them and got them back to sleepy mode.
Yes, I had a wonderful 6 days in Shanghai. I am now back, waiting to go there again soon, and again for the big move.

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