Friday, April 6, 2012

Not going to be titled properly

Not in the mood to blog really but ... I am just feeling down and want to let off a bit of steam. I am disappointed in the girls .... not all of them but some. I am already sacrificing my weekend and holiday to come and practise with them, and yet I have those who don't seem to know that they are not the only ones who have commitments. They waste our time when they don't come. They waste our energy when everyone else who comes does what they are supposed to do but these absentees do not.
I have told them from the beginning, if they want to do this, they have to be committed. Yes I know they are also involved in other projects / programmes in school. But now that nothing else is on, they are still behaving like they have a whole month to get things going. HELLO! The performance is next week. They have not given be a 100% attendance since the beginning. When is it going to happen? What disappoints me the most is some who seem to want to sabotage it so that we cancel the whole thing, when they are the ones who insisted they wanted to stage it. So how now?
I am tired. I don't know what I am doing trying to do this. Perhaps I should have just insisted that I could not take over the production from the beginning. Would have saved me lots of headache and heartache. I keep holding on, hoping that things will be better. It has not. We shall see what happens on Sunday ... Easter Sunday and I am going to be in school for practice. My poor sons have been missing me lots and they don't even know why. And here I have this bunch of girls who are unappreciative of the rest of us who do spend time and effort to make sure this goes on.

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