Thursday, April 26, 2012

My world

I have been reminded time and again that my family has to take priority over everything else, especially work. More often than not, I have pushed my family aside during times when my work gets the better of me, when my students seem to need me more than my family does. I have been guilty of spending more time and energy with my students than my own children.
Well, my world is going to experience a major change in about 3 months or so. No more students. No more work (the paying kind of work). No more needy people who sap a lot of energy out of me. On one hand, I know I will miss all these, on the other hand, I know this is the time that I give back to my family this person who is the wife and mother. They will be my world, truly. I know that the initial months will be tough, and I will be very lonely. So it will be a good time to bond with the children, and a good time to learn to lean on my husband instead of being the usually-very-independent woman that everyone thinks I am.
In the meantime, I am struggling with things. Work is one of them. Emotional entanglement with those needy people aforementioned is another. I do not want them to treat my going away as abandonment. But I do not want my presence here a taken-for-granted thing either.

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