Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Move

Looks like everything is going to go quite fast from now on .... where the move is concerned. I have received news that authorisation for the move has been given and we can finally get moving (pun intended) with all the plans we have.
What does this mean? Well, it means that I can finally apply for places in the school I have identified. It means we have to start all the procedure related to the move. We can start getting our papers done. We can start getting visas done. Once various decisions have been made, we can actually plan our trip to Shanghai again in May-June. We can get ready for assessment to be done for Jon. We can start packing - well, putting aside things we will bring to Shanghai.
Much as I had been anxious about getting the authorisation as quickly as possible so that we could get going with things, I am now perplexed about what I need to do. Hubby and I really have to sit down and plan our next move. Problem is - he will be away soon, and I might end up either having to make decisions by myself, or wait till he comes back and delay making decisions.
Next week is going to be a crazy week for me .... and he will be away. So I really have to stay sane in order to not end up being crazy myself.
Seriously, a few things we really have to think about :
  • what to do with the dog and python
  • what to do with the car - sell? to whom?
  • how to settle my housing loan
  • communicating with the income tax dept if necessary
  • medical check up and immunisations
  • my maid - leaving ... and when
  • my mum - how to handle things so that she doesn't end up totally alone
  • what to bring
  • what not to bring
  • etc (too many to really sort out in my head

These are just the major ones that we have to see to. There are numerous other things to consider and do. I am seriously worried .... because that is just me. And the reality has hit me that I will be a very lonely person there, when hubby is away and kids are at school. I am going to miss all that I am used to here. I am going to miss my friends, especially. I am going to miss going to work, even .... just because I will be thinking about my students.

I will be worried about home - here in Malaysia. I will worry about mum, and her well-being. I will worry a lot, I know.

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