Monday, April 9, 2012

Short sighted or blind, or just plain uncaring

I have given notice of my impending leave since January. I have told them verbally that I will only stay until 31 July and after that, I will be leaving the country. The administration on the school has plenty of time to plan for the void I will be leaving, unlike the void left by someone else ... and THAT cannot be filled.
But it is now April, and we are moving nearer and nearer to end of July. So far, no real concrete plans have been made for those positions I am currently holding, which will be without teachers in charge. No one has been identified to replace me as the advisor for D*starz. This is foremost on my list of worries as the girls need someone who care about them and will commit herself to what the team does. I am slowly taking a step back, but I can't .... for these few weeks I have been so busy that I have not cared for them as much as I would have loved to. And one of the results of that is the injuries that seem to be plaguing the girls.
The Lit class will also be without a teacher. K has agreed to help them revise the form 4 work. But other than that, we don't even know who will mark their trial papers, aside from K who will mark the form 4 portion. The poor girls will be on their own. Well, the admin will just have to do something, or else .... face the peril of grades that might go down.
My English classes will also be without a teacher. My form 3 and 5 classes. I aim to finish all I need to cover by end of July. But no one will be in charge of them, their classes etc. Unless the admin makes some changes soon.
I am in state of perplexity as I cannot fathom a team of admin that sits on their hands and just leave things be. All they do is ask me if I have identified replacements. That is NOT my job. I will not be around to ensure that my replacements do their job. I will not be around to check on things.
I don't know what to say of them. Short-sighted, blind or just uncaring.

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