Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Appreciation for teachers

  • does not mean getting gifts for us
  • does not mean coming over to hug us
  • does not mean saying sweet nothings which are meaningless
  • does not mean singing / dancing for us on Teacher's Day

But appreciation for what we do means :

  • affirming the work we do with you
  • listening to us and being attentive enough not to require a million repeats
  • having a good rapport with us
  • coming to school because you don't want to miss what we might teach you
  • anticipating the good that you learn while with us

Every so often, we teachers come to a point of just wanting to throw in the towel when those we spend so much time and energy on, turn around and do or say something akin to giving us a slap on the face. I have mentioned several times before, I don't enjoy celebrating Teacher's Day. This is one of the reasons why. Only on this day they "show us how much they appreciate us" with all sorts of thing. Please!!! Cut the fake smile and fake whatever you show to us. Be genuine! On a daily basis, not on that ONE day. Well, this year, I will not be around for that day. I will not need to look at those faces and wonder how many of them are genuine and how many are fake.

(*Yes I am angry with some of them.)

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