Thursday, March 29, 2012


I am wearing too many hats and I am trying to make all the hats fit well. I seriously don't know how I am going to survive the next 2 and a half weeks. I mean, I know I will survive. I just cannot see how things will go.
Being in charge of the drama "Holes" is a tough thing. I have felt like not doing it many times. On one hand, perhaps because this set of students were not mine to begin with. Or perhaps it's because it is so much tougher to adapt from a novel as compared to 3 short stories (like last year). Or perhaps I knew how much work was being thrown at me, so I felt over-burdened. I don't know. Whatever it is, I know I am doing it. We are doing it. And we have been thrown so many obstacles that it's just so easy to throw in the towel. So many issues, ie. commitment, clashes with all sorts of programmes, unavailability of a place to practise properly, etc, have plagued us. But I know, if I were to give up now, then the last 3 months and the next few months with them will be a washout. And I know, we are all made of sterner stuff than this. So we will ... I know I will ... make sure the production succeeds come what may.
Being the head of the editorial board is something new for me. But I am learning. And I am also realising it is a lot of work. I am afraid that we cannot produce the magazine by this year. I really want the work to be at least 90% done before I leave. I am thankful the girls in the board this year are very pro-active. They are a group of very gung-ho girls who seem to be really keen to do their work. I am going to have to meet up with the teachers and make sure they do their stuff of else I will end up doing most things myself. And THAT, I cannot do.
This is my 5th year as advisor to the cheer club / d*starz. The work doesn't seem to end. I have taken a few steps back the last one month. Mainly because I have to monitor my drama as well. And also because I want the girls to learn to take charge more. BUT I am constantly worried about them. And the injuries that have been occurring have been worrying. It's almost like every week there is someone injured or someone whose earlier injury is acting up. This year's team is already as solid as they come. And we cannot have any injuries as we have almost no substitutes. I cried last week because I know, once I have left, they will not have someone who loves them as much or is willing to spend as much time and effort on them. It's hard. I am too emotionally attached. Yet this is one year we just might break into top 3. Yes our aim is to be the Champion. And that, takes a lot of time and effort, from the girls and also me.
Being class teacher is also taking quite a bit out of me. I have not held form teachership for many years. Now, I find it such a chore. It's keeping me busier than I am comfortable with. The girls are nice, but ... it's a lot of work that a form teacher has to do in addition to the other stuff.
Being a mentor - so I now have 14 girls to mentor. Knowing me, I will try very hard to be a positive influence on them. And that will take time. Time which I do not have. Sigh.
Other nitty gritty things .... yeah there are other things occupying my time. More hats that I am wearing. Not even bothered to mention anymore. Too tired. Lord, grant me renewed strength every day, and refresh me in ways only YOU can.

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