Friday, March 16, 2012

My Shanghai Trip - just pictures and some explanations

This is me looking all prepared to go out into the cold of Shanghai. The weather there was between 3-11 Celcius most of the time when I was there. It was raining for 6 weeks before I went. It stopped raining when I arrived and only rained again as I was about to leave. ;-)

That is me, and the daughter of my host family. She got very attached to me those few days.

This is the landmark of Shanghai - the Oriental Pearl Tower.
This picture was taken on my last day there. The river is Huangpu River and on the other side is the Shanghai Bund.
Streetfood. No idea what they are called but we were walking around and saw these. Tried some of them. Not bad.

Another view of the Huangpu River.

Funny name of a restaurant that serves Vietnamese food. Came here for lunch with a group of linedancing ladies. Food was not spectacular but it was all right. Pricey.

This is the place where I went in to order food all by myself for the first time. No idea what the Chinese characters mean. But I ordered Pork Chop noodles and soy bean drink.

This is the scene outside Yew Chung International School, Pudong - Regency Park campus. The children were really adorable and the place was really nice.

Caught this sign as I was walking along a road. Former residence of Chairman Mao!

Saw this in the toilet of YCIS. This is the box with toilet paper made from recycled paper.

This is the exterior of YCIS Century Park.

YCIS admissions office

In Yanlord garden. View from my host family's apartment kitchen window.

View from my bedroom window
The three buildings which are landmarks in Shanghai, esp Pudong side.

That's about all the photos I took. Didn't bring the camera along so every picture here was taken using my Nokia handphone camera.

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