Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The timing is just right

God has chosen the right time for me to make my move. Any other time, it would have been unsuitable. Not only that, I would have been less than willing to budge. I was not about to get out of my comfort zone to do something I have never done before or go where I have never been before. I was happy where I was and doing what I was doing. Yes I had complaints and all, but life was still good. These days, things have gone from difficult to plain unbearable, at times. It is a very unhealthy way to live and I am constantly frustrated with some of the things I have to do. I am made to feel as if I am but a speck in some people's eye. Compounded with the way I constantly get riled up with some issues, yes, it has become THE time to do something else and be where I am needed. Yes, it is the right time. And because I do not need to look at some people in the eye anymore .... I am going to ruffle some feathers and start a ripple that I hope will cause people to see how they need to do things right, and do the right things.

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