Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Day 2 in Shanghai - 11th March 2012

This morning I got to sleep in. My first more than 8-hour sleep in a long time. The apartment was very quiet. My hostess woke up around the same time and cooked a very heavy breakfast for everyone. J arrived not too long after and by 10:30 or so, we were ready to explore Shanghai again. I was in dire need of clothes since I brought only very few pieces of clothing. Off we went to take the subway to Qipu Road. We ventured into one of the roadside shops that sold clothes and I went through quite an array of shirts and jackets. I didn't take any photos but you can see something like what's in the picture above. The outfits I managed to buy were quite cheap, especially after converting back to RM.
From there, we visited a Tesco. It was big and crowded. We bought a few things there. I saw the ice-cream flavoured Oreo and bought some to bring home. Then, we took a taxi back to his place where he dropped off his own purchases before we left for Hengshan Road to meet up with his relative at the church. We couldn't make the church service. So we then went with his relative to a Malaysian restaurant inside a Parkson outlet somewhere ... I think HuaiHai Road, South Shanxi area. Had a nice chat.

This is Food Fusion, the Malaysian restaurant.

From there, eventually we took the subway back to LM's apartment. The next day was a working day and it would be better for everyone to have an early rest. J left after dropping me off. At LM's place, we had dinner, watched some TV, I played with her daughter for a bit. Then we all went to bed. Well, I went back to my room and I did some writing - my Shanghai trip diary of sorts. And I did some reading too before I finally turned in. It was not much of an exciting day, but it was a learning day, learning to travel on the subway, learning how to find my way around, learning to cross the roads in Shanghai (which can get rather scary). I was going to visit my first school the next day.

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