Saturday, March 17, 2012

Day 1 in Shanghai - 10th March 2012 - (Part 2)

We ended up at the beginning of Nanjing East Road. The first building there is a Citibank building. This is the beginning of the shopping road.

It seems to be a pedestrian mall but there ARE vehicles crossing everywhere. The road is basically all about shopping malls, and restaurants interspersed along the way. Notice how LONG the road is .... can't even see the end of the road. Yes we walked the length of the road. Went in a few shops just to look at clothes. Didn't buy anything. We walked all the way towards People's Square. We didn't go to the square, we went towards West Nanjing Road instead.

This is West Nanjing Road.
We decided not to go on anymore as we were not interested in shopping. So we went to a Metro station (subway train) and took the train from West Nanjing area to a place I have no idea what it is called but it is the building below, I think :