Thursday, January 29, 2009

A very sigh-y week

The whole week has been a sighy one. I kept on sighing because of my dizziness. I have to go and get myself checked for possibility of vertigo. I don't know how bad it is but I have been dizzy every day and it is NOT nice to feel dizzy when there are things to do and places to go. So the whole CNY experience has not been too fantastic. I didn't even want to update because I felt dizzy after staring at the computer for some time. Gosh .... even sleeping is a dizzifying experience. Lying on my right makes me totally spinning. I can't even lie down on my back. So I have been sleeping mainly on my left and my left ear is quite sore from being slept on. And my sleep is not very good because I cannot move my body, esp my head. I don't know how I am going to teach next week. I cannot write on the board much as I can't look up or down without getting the spinning sensation. Staring too long at printed words and computer also makes me a little nauseous. Ugh! Work on the field will also be difficult, as setting up the equipment will make me dizzy. So .... people, I will need some understanding okay. And lots of help.

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