Tuesday, January 20, 2009

CNY shopping

I haven't bought ANYTHING!!!!! Nor my clothes, not my sons' clothes, not even oranges!!!! Not cookies, not cakes, not anything. And I certainly HAVEN'T cleaned the house. I need to change the bedsheets, mop and scrub the floors and walls. I need to plan my CNY programmes. I have to go to the market and buy food stuff and groceries to last me the entire week!!! How come I have neglected to do all these???? What kind of a wife / mother am I? I haven't even changed my old notes for new notes. Well, hubby might have .... when I see the notes. I don't even know if I have enough angpow packets!!! Well, I'll just use last year's. Aaaaaargh! I am desperate for a PA! Well, a maid will do, but WHEN IS SHE COMING???? In the meantime, any takers? You can call yourself my PA. Haha!

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