Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Movie actors, are we?

So here's the deal. We have been approached to get some girls who will feature in a movie to be filmed end of February. My cheer girls will be involved in a casting session on Thursday and they have to prepare a 30 second hip hop dance and try out dialogues. I know. Time is short and everyone will be busy with the preparations. I do hope that the casting session will be ok. I have invited a few non-cheer girls but were in the squad formerly, to try out as well. And since not many of the girls can do hip hop, I have opened an invitation to The Transformers, specifically one or two girls, to give it a try. They're looking for mature looking girls who can dance. That pretty much rules out any under 15 girls. I am so tired. Been making so many calls to organise things. To all of you who will be at the casting session, break a leg!

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