Thursday, January 22, 2009

Stress-induced sickness

I was all ready to get up and go to school this morning. I turned my body to one side to get something and IT happened. The whole world went spinning. Ok, I thought I would kust wait it out a bit, and hope the spinning would stop. It did slow down, so I got up, prepared breakfast for my son and I started having this urge to puke. Nothing came out but the world started spinning again. Got my son to wake up and all I could do after that was sit down with my head between my hands. It was too much so I lay down on the couch. The spinning got real bad so I thought I'd send and sms to Ms Tanner who is my passenger, so that her mum would drive her. Then sent another to a colleague to ask her to tell the admin that I would probabl be absent. Unfortunately, with the whole planet spinning uncontrolably, I sent the sms to Ms Tanner .... !!! Didn't know it until about after 9am.
Went to a clinic when I could finally get up and gained some confidence to drive. Took my mum along, in case. Doc says that the symptoms all indicate stress. And my blood pressure had shot up. Sigh. Okay, so what could I do? Went home, ate a bit, took my medicine and went to sleep, after making a few important calls. And slept I did, until 3pm. I tried to get up and ..... it started all over again, The spinning .... and then the vomiting. It was terrible. By 4pm I felt better and went down to show my face. Ate a bit of bread since I was starving. Obviously the medicine was taking effect because the spinning had stopped althought I still felt like I had a head made of lead. Managed to get a few things done and finally really got MUCH better. I was just worried about the Cheer clinic and casting. Still don't know how they went.
WELL tomorrow, I WILL go to school. Must finish up some work before I go on the CNY break. Hopefully my students will understand that my body is still weak and I might not do much teaching proper. Still feeling a bit blur. So good night all. Time to sleep, again ... if I can fall asleep after all the snooze I got today.


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NOT PREGNANT!!! Pleeeeeease!