Thursday, January 8, 2009


Everything I do, it is about relationship. People work, rather than paper work. The QM group is one I am terribly possessive of. For so many years, I have been pushing and pulling them. To me, the QMs have always been a group that deserved recognition for the hard work and diligence they have shown in their duties. In the 7 years or so that I have been a QM advisor, I have invested my time and energy for them, as a group and individually. Each of them is a gem, some truly unpolished and just waiting to be processed into fine diamonds. When many thought of them as workers ... coolies ... that was far from what I thought of them. That's why I endeavoured to put them on a pedestal, to let others appreciate them the way I do. When people see how close I have been to my QMs, they wonder why. Sometimes I, too, wonder why. But I do know this : I have put my heart and soul into building up this relationship. And this is making it very difficult for me to not be their advisor anymore. Part of me aches the way a mother aches to let her child go. But I know this ... it is time to let go. I am not gone from their lives. Just officially I have to let go. Time for someone else to build a relationship with them. And time for me to move on and build another relationship ... Cheer Club. So people of Cheer Club, be forewarned! I can be quite a smothering mum. If I am getting too suffocating, tell me. It's just that I sometimes work with my heart, not my brain.

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