Saturday, January 17, 2009

Physically tired

Today I really felt the tiredness that my body has been screaming out to me. It didn't help that I had a bit of diarrhoea coupled with lots of flatulence. I haven't been eating well, appetite is upside down. And today being Saturday, should have been a day of rest but it was a school day. And I had 2 PJK classes back to back and an English class before that. It has been physically challenging for me. Then I thought I could rest in the afternoon and ... well, the kids made sure I didn't get the rest I so craved for. I did manage a few minutes of nap time but I needed more than that. Then dinner ... I didn't take dinner .... and off we went to Carrefour for grocery shopping. With 3 kids in tow. And 2 elderly ladies. Made it back before 9 and then it was getting the kids to have their milk and to bed. It has been non-stop and I have been screaming at the kids to DO THIS, DON'T DO THAT! That has really taken its toll on me. When hubby came back just now, all he observed was my anger and all the door-slamming. I just couldn't take it anymore, being expected to do everything, be everywhere and be a perfect wife-mother-daughter-teacher. I guess I just need to sleep and be refreshed. I'll be off to bed.

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