Monday, January 19, 2009

Full time everything

Life as a full time mum, full time wife (ever such a thing as part time wife / mother), full time teacher is certainly not easy. Especially being the mother of 3 young boys .... who have bundles of energy, it is very taxing to say the least. And especially being a teacher in this school, I just told someone this : "We work our students to death and we work ourselves to death." I have a feeling I was not far from the truth.
So I am now fully into the Cheer Club. Looks like not that much to do yet but I think the whip is going to come out soon. My vision for the club, as I have briefly told some of them, is to provide a training ground for youngsters to learn how to do simple cheer things. So we will have 2 sections :
  • The squad of 16 + 4 for Cheer 2009. They will be heavily involved in training for the competition and little else (unless they have the time).
  • The rest of the club members who will provide support to the squad, as well as youngsters who do not make the squad but have the potential to get in next year. Also, the senior girls who have been in the previous squad but are unable to be in it this year can be of help here. They will be the ones who provide training for the newbies - teach them simple things as well as help with choreography for gigs. This group of people can actually go for gigs (such as the one we are about to be involved in!!!) which are short term commitments, unlike Cheer 2009.

The plans I have for now include : making skirts (resizeable) for the 2nd group of girls who might go for short term gigs, designing a much nicer t-shirt (not in WHITE) for the supporters and the 2nd group, getting a nicer design for the cheerleaders for Cheer 2009, fund-raising activities to raise funds for the squad and for club activities, a real cheer clinic for cheerleaders with outsider instructors and we provide a venue for the clinic attended by other schools as well. (Maybe we can be the centre for cheer excellence ... haha) Well, they are just plans now. I still need to discuss with the girls, and see how things go. Oh and a gig. We have a gig! And another movie!!!! To be updated in the very near future.

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