Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Updates about school - for Evelyn's sake !!!

Two days have gone by since school reopened. Things have been a little crazy as can be expected every year, at the beginning of the school semester. I am teaching English Forms 2 and 3, and PJK Form 4 (6 classes!). I have met 2A, 2D, 4SE so far.
What has been happening .... the usual really but here goes :
  • Someone stepped on the principal's toes when she was confronted about the streaming of Form 4 classes. Apparently someone felt that their daughter was unfairly placed in a particular class and she actually got straight As. HELLO .... 4SA, SB, SC, SD are pretty much equal in most ways. I think there are straight As students in each of the class. Sigh. If only people can stop branding that SA is the top and SB, SC, SD are inferior (which they are NOT).
  • Looks like an A in BM is now a major requirement to be in the Pure Science stream. I don't think this is a requirement nationwide. If it is, then it is pure idiocy!
  • The Form 1 students are ... too many. We have maxed out our quota of students for Form 1 so the enrolment for each class is exceeding 35. Can those people who live FAR, FAR AWAY please take their daughters away from here?
  • Kelab Pelancongan - don't ask. I don't know what it is all about except who the advisors are.
  • English Literature - The Eng Lit class will be held on Thursday 2:30 - 4:30, handled by our favourite English teacher!
  • The drama / musical production will soon commence with a clinic for acting, I think. The audition will be held soon after. The scheduled date for performances (2 shows) is somewhere in June. Ex-Sri Amanians please come and support!
  • The sports department is headed by Pn Norinda and now supported by Ms Foo and Cik Ernie. I am currently still in QM, though this might be my last year.

I guess that's it for now. I hope to work well within the English Panel, especially now that I am out of the Sports Department. I have more time to focus on English ... which happens to be a BIG and heavy resposibility. Read the head of the English Panel's blog and you can visualize it.

Oh btw, I will soon be starting another blog - online English homework blog ... for FORM 3 only. Hahaha! I can hear some people falling to the ground, fainting. Yeah, evil Pn C is BACK!

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