Saturday, October 16, 2010


I have been teased to no end, lately. And I have to admit, it was fun to be teased but it was also like a fire waiting to singe and even burn me down. Although I am fine about it most of the time, I can just see and feel the power of temptation. It is so easy to fall, it is so easy to get trapped. I have just had a glance ... or a peek of how dangerous it can be.
For a long time, perhaps I was either naive or perhaps I have been very sheltered. I have never faced temptation as much as what I was almost trapped in. On one hand, it gives one a feeling of intoxication, and of power. I don't know how this comes about. On the other hand, one gets the feeling of immense danger.
There is a whole world out there which is a dangerous place to be in. The people have different values and different outlook on life. To someone as "naive" as me, it might look beautiful and glamorous, even desirable. But take another look, a closer look, and it really is not the way it seemed.
The Bible says "flee from evil" .... well, as much as it can be branded evil, it is not an easy thing to do. The desire to flee has to be there. And now I understand why so many people fall, it is because they do not desire to flee.
What am I going on about? Temptation.

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