Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I will miss you

Dear Pn Alainal,
I am writing to say that I will truly and earnestly miss you. The last 6-7 years you have been with us have been glorious years. We have had our fair share of ups and downs and through it all, you have been there for us. You have shown us what it is like to not confine ourselves to the boundaries of school. You have encouraged us to soar above the norm.
I have so much that I actually want to say to you. But I cannot word the things I want to say. My heart is so heavy and sad that you will no longer be my boss. I am fearful about how things will be in your absence. I worry about not getting the strong support you have been giving me, and the groups that I have been handling. I am filled with a sense of dread. But like what you said, life has to go on. I cried when you texted that to me. On one hand I cannot deny that life HAS to go on. On the other hand, I wanted to be selfish and say DON'T GO.
On Friday we shall be formally say our goodbyes. I am not ready for it. I don't think I ever will. As it is I feel as if I am losing a big part of my life. That is to your credit, that you have impacted my life so much that I don't just see you as a boss, but a mentor and someone I can turn to for guidance and understanding. I don't know how many people feel the way I do, but I suspect many do.
It is with great reluctance and a heavy heart that I bid you goodbye. I might not be able to say anything to you personally. But in my own way, I am saying goodbye now. Help me to let go. Do think of us all once in a while. You might not come and visit us due to some reasons. I hope we can go and visit you some day.
Goodbye, dear lady. I will miss you. I already do. *Tears*

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