Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Someone commented today that English teachers' workload isn't as bad as BM teachers' workload. Reason being : BM has 4 hours each week and English has "only" 3 hours each week. So a BM teacher who teaches 4 classes of BM has 16 hours of BM to teach, whereas an English teacher who teaches 4 English classes only teach 12 hours. Tell me where the logic is when the BM teacher and the English teacher end up teaching the same number of hours if you count the number of hours they teach for other subjects? And since this is referring to Sri Aman in particular, tell me what BM teacher has to do RFP for niche area? What extra extra programmes do BM teachers have to run? What headache does a BM teacher have to have, planning how to spend the money that the govt gives to us? This is not to say that BM teachers do not work hard. What I am saying is "DO NOT INSULT ENGLISH TEACHERS WHO HAVE BEEN CARRYING THIS NICHE AREA BUSINESS AND DOING EVERYTHING TO MAKE SURE THAT THE SCHOOL REMAINS CLUSTER". It is demeaning to us to have to beg to be recognised. When it suits some people, we are praised and thanked for the good work we have done. When it doesn't suit them, our work is "not as heavy"! That comment really riled me up and made me wonder WHY we are doing so much work. Why are we working so hard to ensure that the school benefits as a whole although English is the niche area? Why do we worry about how the money is spent? We could have just as easily put our feet down and said that we would spend the money on ENGLISH and no one else! Where is the gratitude? Where is the team we have been talking about?

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