Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Getting that break we have been craving!

For weeks, my buddies and I have been saying we needed a break and the end of August was kinda long to wait. I guess our wish has been granted, although not for the reason we hoped. Not that we have a reason proper. But, yeah, we have been granted a week off. School is closed for a week. No one has been confirmed to be a victim of AH1N1 yet. But many students have been having fever and flu and various other ailments. Perhaps it is just as well, and all of us get the bit of rest that we desperately need. Not that it is going to be that much of a rest but at least we get to sleep in a bit, and do some other work that have been pending.
I know I will get to spend more time with my boys. I will try to be a good mother and make them pancakes or cakes for breakfast / tea. I will prepare lunches of pasta too, if they like. I will try to take them for evening walks if the weather is good. Oh and I will complete my PMR Trial Exam paper.
On another note, the Chng is down with appendicitis and will have a surgery tomorrow. Get well soon, yeah!

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