Sunday, August 16, 2009

The weekend that has been

Yesterday was a school day. Instead of going to school, I made my way to Sunway University College instead to attend a symposium.
It was a FUN time that I had there. FUN? Symposiums can be FUN? Yes, very much so. I truly enjoyed the sessions there. It was good organisation by the people in SUC. The first session was by Dr Moses Samuel, a UM lecturer. His address was a little dry but still informative and certainly reminds me why I never want to study in UM! Then we had the first workshop and I went to one conducted by Timothy Wong on Teacher Profile. It was about how we need to recognise our strengths and weaknesses, as well as the type of persons we are. Most importantly, I am reminded that my students too are of different types and they have their different strengths and weaknesses. Therefore I have to adjust my teaching style and lessons accordingly.
Then it was lunch. We had a good lunch, nothing too fancy but much nicer than those lunches we get during our own staff development sessions.
Next was the second workshop. As assumed by my lovely friends, I chose the one on pronunciation conducted by Hugh Leburn. He was a good presenter. We had fun pronouncing words and sentences. I am reminded of the time I took a paper in one semester during my degree programme. We used to be ever so noisy with all the sounds we tried to make according to the phonetic symbols. I am so going to email Mr Leburn one of these days!!!
Then we finished up with the plenary address by Prof Alan Maley. He is THE authority on Reading when I was studying. We had books written by him as our texts. He was a wonderful presenter and his session of 1 hour ended just too quickly. He is a very funny man and was full of anecdotes. I know what I learned from him. WE HAVE TO MOVE WITH THE TIMES. Being a teacher is not about books and board anymore (though there is absolutely nothing wrong with using books and the board). We have to explore other possibilities and other newer text types and source of information. We have to try not to lag behind and become dinosaurs in the teaching profession. I shall strive to move along with technology and all, with whatever time I have.
Spending the Saturday in a symposium might not be everyone's idea of a good time, but it was a break from the routine. And it was a good learning experience. I certainly feel refreshed about my teaching job. Most of all, being there with my buddies made it all the more enjoyable.

Today I went for a brief visit to UPM for their Dogathon. Last year I was there too, but much longer. Today was just a quick HI and BYE visit. The crowd is much bigger this year. There were many people with many dogs and many stalls that sold doggie things as well as having exhibition. We took the kids there just for a look-see. Then we went for a quick lunch and came home.
Jonathan is unwell. He has had a fever since yesterday morning. He was still very active and all until tonight. I guess it's taking its toll on him and he looked weary by dinner time. Hopefully he is going to recover soon. He's not going to school tomorrow.

So tomorrow is a school day. I was going to sigh, but I told myself NO! Instead I am going to remember what Pastor Peter Tsukahira said today. Sunday is a day of rest. Monday is the beginning of what I am supposed to do. So I shall look forward to tomorrow and do the best that I can.

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