Saturday, August 29, 2009

What kind of logic?

At this point in time I am just very disappointed and disgusted in some people who think they are so progressive. They think they are fighting for the rights of their own race. They think they can get away with insulting people of other faiths just because they have the number to do so. Perhaps they are right in thinking they can get away with it. Afterall, it was not reported in the papers exactly what they did - how they proudly claim that they are defending their rights to their place of residence and they would defend it to death. All because a place of worship (not their own) will be relocated near to them. They were not complaining. They marched and they brought along a symbol of holiness belonging to the other faith, and stepped on it. And with glee as well as pride, they claimed to champion their own rights. What utter nonsence! What utter disrespect for other people! And they want to say YEAH WE'RE FOR 1MALAYSIA! Utter rubbish! We shall wait and see if this will even make it to mainstream newspaper and news channel. Hypocrisy in its highest degree.
For those not in the know of what had happened, go to

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