Saturday, January 9, 2010

It broke my heart

Yesterday was a dark day for my beloved country. It was a sad day for many people. Something I had never thought would happen actually happened. I don't know why it surprised me. I mean, if there is a small group of people who could parade with a cow's head, or demolish temples, yes, then by all means, the same group of irrational people could attempt to burn churches. But it still broke my heart that some people had to resort to such brash and irrational behaviours. It also broke my heart that some people could react so deeply ... read : violently ... to some things which I personally do no believe they believe in. I honestly do not believe that the people who actually physically threw the cocktails at the buildings know what they are doing, or exactly what cause they are supposed to be doing it in. I can only pray that these people will wake up from the hypnotism and SEE what they are doing, and the consequences of what they are doing.
But look on the bright side ... perhaps this action will do something that many meetings and conventions and whatever else has NOT been able to do. And that is to unite the hearts of Christians to PRAY, to re-examine ourselves and our faith. This is a good time to ponder and ask ourselves, what do we believe in ... how much do we love the Lord ... what does the Lord want us to do ... do we love Him enough to obey? Many more questions ... really.
Some people have voiced out their frustrations and fears. Some have lost all hope in this country. Me? It broke my heart, but I will NOT succumb to the notion that this country is beyond saving. I WILL continue to hope and have faith. And I will PRAY ... and wait.

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