Tuesday, January 26, 2010

We are at the top

It was finally announced yesterday, and all over the newspapers today. Sri Aman is right at the top. We are the top school among the 20 high performance schools selected. We are a day school and we are not a controlled school. So it is a proud moment for all concerned that we have been granted the title. It has not been easy. We have had many detractors, we have had nay sayers. We have had probably students / ex-students / parents who have made rather nasty remarks about the school and teachers. We have all taken them in our strides and we have proven that we ARE up to mark.
We have lots to look forward to. We have much to fear too. Just as Spiderman learned that with great power comes great responsibility, we ... the teachers and staff ... know that with the title and money, comes great responsibility and expectations. It is scary and yet it is exciting. I hope and I pray that we can all take heart that we will do it together. Yes, people. TOGETHER.


Gerry Porter said...

Congratulations folks, I applaud your achievement - and your celebration of your achievement.

The educational systems in Canada and the United States have declined during the last six or so decades primarily to avoid damaging students' self-esteem.

Children have not been allowed to fail and thus learn from their mistakes. Youngsters are now entering university believing that they merely have try to receive top marks.

Much of their work is mediocre and they get angry when professors give them low marks.

The regular school systems no longer seek out and nurture excellence; they instead praise mediocrity and poor performance - all in the interests of preserving self-esteem.

Charter schools, originally established by dismayed parents, have come into their own in Canada and the U.S. and offer programs that promote the best teachers and nurture excellence in children. Perhaps your school is similar to the Charter schools.

So once more, congratulations for striving, performing, and achieving.

Gerry Porter
Ottawa, Canada

Chris said...

Thanks, Gerry. I hope that my school will be able to achieve what is expected of her .... and we teachers will be able to meet the expectations.