Thursday, January 14, 2010

What I am teaching this year

For the first time in more than 10 years, I am not teaching Physical Education. I shall miss it. I have always enjoyed teaching it and have often taken the opportunity to run around a bit with the girls during PE. So why am I not teaching it? I made the request. Two main reasons why I asked to not teach PE : I have a new subject to teach, something I have never taught before but not a total strange subject to me. I also think it is time for me to give my colleagues a break from having to withstand the problem I had, have, with a certain someone. So, I made the request to be taken out from the PE panel.
So in place of PE, I am now teaching Literature in English for Form 4. Truth be told, I was a nervous wreck when it dawned on me that I would really be teaching it. It's not that I have no confidence whatsoever. It's just that I am afraid I will not do a good job. I think I can be my own toughest critic. I cannot stand thinking that I might not have done my best and that I have let my students down. It is this fear that made me worry incessantly about teaching LiE. I know I have all the support and resources I need, which helps a lot. Come what may, I will make sure I do not disappoint my students and I will do everything I can to guide them in it.
Yes I am still teaching English. It is, after all, my major. This year I am teaching the Form 3s and Form 4s. I have not taught Form 4 for some years, and it is good to be teaching this level again. It will be a challenge but in a good way.
So ... I am looking positively at 2010, at least where teaching is concerned. I hope and I pray that I will look to God for the strength to handle all the jobs in my portfolio. It will not be an easy year, but then easy is BORING.
I am still in charge of Cheer. This year I am going for something extra. I am hoping to organize an inter-house cheer dance competition. This will give everyone extra reasons to have practices, and it will give them more chance to get co-curriculum marks for school level competition. In addition to that, Cheer Club members can look forward to a mini competition just for them. This will surely encourage them to practise and improve and show their potential. Definitely a good avenue to discover new talents. I guess I just need to iron out some details with my girls and some colleagues on the competitions.
I am still involved in the Editorial Board in the finance section. I honestly did a lousy job last year. I am disappointed in myself. This year, hopefully I can do a much better job.
Resolutions? I have several. I just need to work them out and see if they are achievable. Most might just be ..... wish me luck ... well, maybe not luck. Wish me all that is good so that I can do my best.

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