Sunday, January 10, 2010

I went to church today ...

This morning, like every Sunday morning, my family went to church. As I got ready to leave the house, a little thought came to mind. "Is it safe to go?" I brushed it off. My mother and children were in ignorant bliss as they did not know about the happenings of the past few days. My husband did not say anything. I thought to myself ... I will continue to trust in the humanity of man, that the awful deeds were done by a very minority group of people. And I trust that even if my Muslim fellow citizens were to disagree on non-Muslims using THE word, a large majority of them will not resort to physical violence. And this is the belief that most of us have.
As we drove to church, I realize that Malaysians ARE unique. We are also very fortunate. No one really wants to shake the country and let it fall. We have lived with one another for so long, and even when we do not say it, we love one another. We might not always agree ... but so what! We might not have the same beliefs and faiths. But that has never stopped us from being friends. Jesus commands us to "Love thy neighbours". Who then are our neighbours? Are they not people, human beings, of every colour and are as different as can be?
In church today, as on most Sundays, I was distracted by my boys. I don't usually get to listen to the sermon much. But one bit that I did hear, and stays in my mind is this : "Let us not be afraid, don't let fear rule." We shall not run away out of fear. And we shall not take drastic actions out of fear.
I don't know ... I think some of my friends are feeling sad and worried. To my friend, the Princess, HUGS!!!! I love you. Nothing will change that. To those who are Christians, continue to love your neighbours and trust that the Lord is bigger than the issue. To those who are Muslims, I have no bone to pick with you, as I believe we will continue to live side by side as people created by the Almighty. To those of you who are neither, I hope you will take this opportunity to learn and not pass judgement on either.
My heart still aches. I know the whole thing will not just stop here. As it is, more incidents have occured in Taiping and Melaka. I hope and I pray that things will not blow out of proportion. I pray that no one will resort to violent acts for things they do not even understand. I pray that the whole thing will soon quieten down (I don't think it will be settled for a long time yet) and the public will not fear that violence will erupt.
Although I am still down, I am comforted. And I will continue to hope and pray.

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