Sunday, October 25, 2009


There are some relationships that I truly cherish. In all these years that I have been around, I have come to realise that some relationships are just special and can stand the test of time, and distance.
Starting from my closest circle, I am glad I have some very special friends at work. We do not always agree on the same things. We do not have the same taste in things. We do not behave the same way all the time (though I am sure some people will disagree). But we do have quite a number of things in common and we have learned to agree to disagree, and to respect one another's principles and opinions. We get away with calling one another nick names we wouldn't call others. We get away with doing all sorts of funny things. Our bond is such that we sometimes fill in for one another, and we complement one another. Perhaps that is why we make such a formidable team.
Next is my group of friends from way back in university. We were the TESLians or TESLites, whichever one wants to call us. We were the noisy bunch, and we still are. In spite of going our separate ways after granduation, we have managed to keep in touch and meet. Not all of us, but most of us. We are still as crazy as ever when we do get together. It's almost as if we have never left UPM.
My family ... well, my inlaws anyway. I am thankful that I have a set of understanding and wonderful inlaws. My mother-in-law is someone I really wouldn't mind living with. She is a gem of a lady and I am sad that she will be leaving this coming Saturday. My father-in-law is also a good man. He likes to argue. Half the time, he probably argues to keep his mind alert. My husband's siblings and their family are all in Australia. I don't see much of them but I do miss them and hope to see them again soon.
Last week was Malam Graduasi for the Form 5s. I wasn't there. But as these girls prepare to leave high school for something better, I hope that they too have forged wonderful friendships that will stand the test of time and distance. And I pray that they will encounter other friends in the future whom they can bond with and start a new relationship with. As they grow into young ladies, I hope they will find a life partner with whom it is indeed "til death do us part", and find an inlaw family they will love and treasure.

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