Friday, October 16, 2009

Busy busy busy

The lack of upates on my blog is probably going to be something some of you will complain about, unless you too have been busy with numerous things. It is exam season, so I have been busy with all things related to exams : setting question papers, marking, other paper works, doing the mantap minda programme for the form 3s, and now exam stuff for the form 2s and form 4s.
In addition, I have also been busy with my in laws who are back. And while they have been back, we have attended a funeral and visited other relatives. I can see that my in laws are a lot older now. I can see how much they have aged in the one and a half years I have not seen them. They have been inflicted with various health issues and I worry about them. Everyone their generation is "expiring" one by one. I can tell that they are also worried.
Just two nights ago I took the cheer girls from Form 3 to go for a gig in Crowne Plaza, KL for a gig. They had to dance and chant a bit about the hotel. It was very short notice and they had just finished their PMR the day before. So the gig was not as well-performed but it was ok. The girls were so tickled when they were asked to pose with many of the guests for photos. On top of that, the food, though cocktail style, was nice. We generally had a good time. But I was extremely tired as I had only had a 2 1/2 hour sleep the previous night and had been out of the house from 7am until 10:30pm. Nevertheless, I was glad for the break in routine.
Tonight, I will be going for a durian party of sorts! I am looking forward to it, but I'll miss hubby who is in Genting. Oh well.
I will update more when I have come back from Bukit Tinggi.

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