Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tagged by the Chng!

Sigh .... just because it is sooooooooooooo VERBY!!! But I am not googling whatever, so I am just doing it MY way!!!!

Chris needs : a good night's sleep, every night

Chris looks like : a hippopotamus, according to my son.

Chris says : life is UNFAIR! God is JUST!

Chris wants : to have holiday away from the family, just my friends and I, and NO WORK!

Chris hates : foul language.

Chris asks : Will I get rid of the BPPV, ever?

Chris likes : to eat, esp with friends.

Chris eats : whatever is delicious, well in my books, anyway.

Chris wears : clothes!

Chris was arrested for : nothing.

Chris loves : the family to bits, but sometimes wishes they'd let me have some ME time occasionally.

There, done. Now I tag .... those who are reading this and are under 21 years of age!!!!

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