Tuesday, March 24, 2009


If things have to go wrong, they go wrong in twos and threes and so on. If work has to come and bog me down, it comes in numerous sets. I feel swamped with work now. Having just completed all the March test marking, I was feeling really strained, but glad. But going back to school since yesterday, I have been swamped with work, paper work. Of course there is the pelan operasi paper work which I was supposed to do during the holiday but ... I was too busy marking paper and trying not to neglect my kids. And of course, going to school to check on the D*starz's practice, and choral speaking practice. Now it's not just the pelan operasi thing, but also liaising with Lorna Whiston for their English Enrichment programmes, which is almost all done. Then there is Choral Speaking competition tomorrow. And in the midst of all these work, I realised I have NOT yet registered Jeremy for primary school. The last date is next Monday or Tuesday, I think. And I have to go and get mum for her monthly medical check-up and her cataract surgery next Wednesday. Which reminds me, I have not applied for my leave to take her for the surgery!!! Gosh how many things am I supposed to remember and do? There are too many things to manage and I AM NOT MANAGING WELL! I am at the stage of being ready to bark and bite anyone who bugs me. And all I have mentioned are just SOME of the things I have to do.
What else do I have to remember and make sure I make arrangements for? Here they are :
  • make sure my mum remembers her eye drops before the surgery
  • remind Mag and Megan about the supporters tshirts stuff
  • plan for the identifying of juniors to make up 2nd team of cheerleaders
  • get together and plan fund-raising activities for Cheer Club
  • TV3 Kids Parade (rehearsal and actual day)
  • Hannah Montana dance competition
  • In house course on English Literature
  • EMS classes for the teachers
  • Minutes of the meeting I had after the Morib trip
  • Meeting with F3 teachers about various things
  • MPPH (don't know if I have duties)
  • Sports Day etc (don't know yet what my duty is)

And that's just until mid-April!!!! HELP!!!!!!

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