Monday, February 23, 2009

Too much ....

There is simply too much to do. Too many things occupy my mind these days. Though I am out of the sports unit, I am still bogged down with too many things.
One of my main headaches now has to do with Cheer Club. On one hand it is wonderful that my girls are getting lots of gigs. On the other hand I seem to have so many dealings with outside people. First it is the Squash Association people. Then it's TV3. And I can see that this is not going to just end there. I still need to talk to the coach, Marcus. Mag is incapacitated now. We have to have rehearsal at BTS this weekend, and then the performance next weekend. And I will not be around for them on 7 March because I'll be in Kota Bharu. So ... yes, it is a headache. Then with TV3 I still have to fax a letter to them, then organise the club girls to prepare for the Kids' Parade at Sri Pentas. Sigh. Then I have to prepare a 2 page thing for documentation about Cheer's involvement with outside organizetions last year and early this year. Aargh!
Then there is the English Dept work. Firstly the dealing wit Lorna Whiston. Letters to peruse and phone calls to make. Then the Literature training with Dr Edwin. I've been having correspondence with him and will help to organize things. And of course, the Buddy Support System thing which is undergoing some changes and I have to redo the schedule and pairings. I honestly don't know if I can do all that, with the drama/musical production later in the year also lingering around in my head. I'm glad I'm not involved in the performance committee but being in charge of stage managing is scary. And all these on top of teaching. I have just barely finished doing the Form 2 test paper and the stupid computer has been acting up, probably due to virus attack, no thanks to the school computers and my thumb drives.
Yes I really feel bogged down. Plus the fact that I am not at my usual working capacity. I still cannot read or write too long. I still feel nauseous when I tilt my head or watch people running in front of me or when I look at someone too near. Even staring at the computer for too long does that to me, like NOW! So I'm off now. Ciao.

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