Friday, February 6, 2009

The last few days ...

I have been BLUR person in school the last few days. Things are generally not too bad but neither is very good. Here's a roundup :
  • I move like a robot, because I cannot turn my head without my turning my body. Or else I go dizzy.
  • I move a lot slower, for fear of getting dizzy.
  • I tilted my head during warming down session with 4SC and almost made myself dizzy.
  • I can't read my students' work much or my eyes for blur.
  • I can't write much (like doing the record book) or my eyes go blur.
  • I can't look at the computer screen too long or .... yeah, my eyes go blur.
  • I feel guilty because I CAN'T DO THE THINGS I USUALLY DO!

BUT I am thankful indeed, for caring friends and colleagues, and understanding students. I am thankful especially for a wonderful husband who has taken over a lot of my usual tasks. I know it is taxing for him, but he hasn't been complaining. At times like this, I know ... I have chosen well! He is indeed the man for me. Okay, getting too mushy .... ;)

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