Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Two weeks to go

In less than 2 weeks actually, I will leave the workplace which has been very much a "home" to me. I shall leave the students and teachers and the place ... with mixed feelings. Reflecting on my love-hate relationship with SA, I have to say, I have had more good days than bad days there.
I have learned a lot of things in the 15+ years I have been there. I never thought I'd last so long there, but .... well, it has been over 15 years.
I have learned to be more pro-active. I have learned to be at least a step ahead of my students in many ways. I have learned many sports. I have learned many responsibilities. I have made many new friends. I have enjoyed keeping some of those friends.
Will I shed a tear on leaving? Very likely. I will miss many things that I have come to hold dear to my heart while there.
NO I will not miss some people. But I will bring with me the knowledge that I have done the best I can most of the time, and even better than I ever thought I could. As much as I have been the teacher, I have also been a student. I have learned much, just as I have loved much.

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