Monday, July 23, 2012

6 working days to go

The time draws nearer and nearer. I am soon going to leave. I have been feeling strange the last week or so. The occasional excitement gives way to melancholy. And at other times, I dread the feeling of losing one big part of me.
I am not quite sure how else I am going to feel.
I have been meeting up with various people, having farewell lunches and dinners and meet-ups. It's been great meeting everyone. But it has also been hard knowing that I might not see these people again for a long time to come.
In the mean time, I am worrying about how things will be for my mum. She has been calm and collected, rather quiet, in fact. But I am concerned that she will end up crying and wailing on the day we leave. I am not sure how I can handle that. All I know is that I want her to be strong and look forward to our return to visit perhaps in half a year or even less. Sigh.
Hubs is now in Canada, and I know he will be very tired in the next 2-3 weeks before we fly to Shanghai together. I hope he can cope with his work. And I hope we both can cope with our new life in Shanghai next month.

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