Thursday, July 12, 2012

31 going 30

 I am one month away from departure.Today the staff had a lunch for Chong and me. Chong's last day is tomorrow. Me? Another 2 and a half weeks. We had our makan2 and then we were presented with our farewell gifts. I have been getting gifts the last week or so, hence the photos. But really, it is not about the gifts, but about the givers and the friendships. Nevertheless, I appreciate the gifts a lot.

 Top view of the few gifts that I have been given.
Close-up of the gifts
The pearl earrings from the English panel
 The cabin bag and the purse are from the staff club.

 This watch is precious to me, not just because it is a beautiful and expensive watch, but because it was given by my very good friends and the ones who bought it made an effort to find something so beautiful for me.
 This watch is also a precious gift to me as it was given by my colleague, someone who is quietly supportive and helpful most of the time. I really didn't expect this.

This is a close-up of the red purse.

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