Monday, February 13, 2012

He makes all things beautiful in His time

God has his own timing to all that happens to us. Nothing just "happens" without his prior knowledge or plan.
The year has started rather badly in some ways. I have been unhappy, disappointed, and just plain disgusted with some things. The only thing that has kept me going is seeing my students, hoping to teach them well, guide them and do what I do best.
The last month or so I have been dragging my feet to school. I have been dreading some things, become less hopeful of things and becoming such a cynic. It was getting rather unhealthy, for me, and also for people around me.
And it is at this time that God has shown His sovereignty. His timing is the best ever. It is at a time like this that God has shown me a way out of the drudgery, the negativity, the unhealthy environment I am in. In His time, definitely, all things become beautiful.
I shall not divulge more here, as I do not wish to cause unnecessary worry for some people. I know I will have to apologise later, but I will wait for the right time. And I dread that moment when I have to explain myself to those I care about so much. But all things will work out in the end. From now till then, I can just plan for the best possible outcome.

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